Co-De came into being as a Master’s Thesis (2017-2018) from the department Computer Science at the University of Leuven by Tobias Verlinde & Zimcke Van de Staey. Their thesis advisors were Prof. dr. Bart Demoen and Prof. dr. Bern Martens, whom are both very involved with computer science education.

The idea to build an online learning platform originated in June 2017. Inspired by a lecture from Prof. Paul Curzon in Leuven, they decided to focus on computational thinking. Computational thinking has still a long way to go in Flanders (Belgium) and with a dedicated platform for secondary schools we can facilitate the work of teachers and the learning process of students.

Since February 2018 the platform is accessible on code.experiments.cs.kuleuven.be and everyone can register to access the course material. In March  2018 the platform has been tested for the first time by a number of volunteers. Soon afterwards the first group of students started using our material in their courses.

On 24th April 2018 our team presented Co-De to some 40 teachers on the final event of progra-MEER in Hasselt.



The goal of our project is to offer a series of courses in which different elements of computational thinking play an important role. Currently there are four complete courses on Co-De. We will do our best to extend this in the future. The courses can be followed individually or in group. No matter how you make use of the course, each student can do the course activities on their own tempo.



Do you have an idea for a new or existing course? Would you like to add your own content about computational thinking?

Give us a comment on the community forum of Co-De or contact us on the Contact page!